Le domaine de Vaux

""Mariano and Natale Richiusa, two twin brothers are pleased to welcome you in their castle, 5 minutes away from Sainte Ménehould, in the Marne region.


Mariano and Natale were born in Sicily. They are artists that have created a new art, which has no particular name yet. Their pictures and statuettes are unique.


Their castle is surrounded by a 30 ha garden. In the village of Chaudefontaine (“The hot water fountain”), they have accommodated four very comfortable bedrooms, especially for you.


Le domaine de Vaux

There are many places that are waiting for you, you can have a walk in the park with their sheeps, visit the windmill of Valmy, go the the new swimming-pool in Sainte Ménehould…


In the summer, you can ride bicycles or ride horses, go canoeing, or simply have a walk in the forest around.


Le domaine de Vaux

You can also easily visit the 1914/1918 battlefields that are close.

If you are interested, book a visit with a guide. It is open from Monday to Saturday.


Sainte Ménehould is a town that has a particular history. Situated in the Champagne-Ardenne region, it is not far from the Lorraine region, which was called the Holy Roman Empire before. Moreover, is it 10 km far from the village of Valmy, where took place a famous battle.

Le domaine de Vaux

And it is in Sainte Ménehould that the French king Louis XVI was identified, before being arrested.

And more recently, during the First World War, Sainte Ménehould was one of the important places from where the French troops left to go to the front.